Stamps Africa Gabon
Gabon 1886 10 on 20c used, minor thin point otherwise fault-free, VERY RARE
Gabon Red Cross Sheets Stamps MNH (lo 390
Gabon 1888 25 on 5c green used, exceptional quality and a VERY RARE stamp
Gabon 154-59 MNH 1961 Various Flowers & Plants Full 6 Stamp Set VF
Gabon 151-53 MNH 1961 Gabon's Admission to United Nations Set Very Fine
Security, defence to be keystone of cooperation with Africa: Modi
He said partnership between India and African nations was natural and their destinies interlinked. Modi earlier released commemorative coins and postage stamps at the IAFS.
South Africa: much more than safari and game resorts
"You know [even] the water bottles in South Africa have the halal stamps. It shows how strict they are about halal," said the ambassador. He assured the tour operators and trade from Qatar that the embassy will help them in all possible ways to promote ...
India widens engagement with Africa, gives 10 billion dollar more credit
Commemorative coins and stamps were also released, and President Pranab Mukherjee later hosted a banquet for the visiting leaders. On the sidelines, Modi also had bilateral meetings with 10 African leaders including Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.
India widens engagement with Africa, gives $10 bn more credit
Commemorative coins and stamps were also released, and President Pranab Mukherjee later hosted a banquet for the visiting leaders. On the sidelines, Modi also had bilateral meetings with 10 African leaders including Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.
NIPOST marks UNN’s anniversary with stamps
Ozumba emphasised that it was remarkable that the launching came at a time when the university secured the hosting right of the West African University Game (football and hockey campionships), saying that he hopes the launching of the stamps would showcase ...
Gabon 160-62 MNH 1962 President Leon Mba Set Very Fine
Gabon 166 MNH 1962 Captain Ntchorere & Flags of France & Gabon Issue VF
stamps Gabon
Gabon 1889 15 on 10c used, tear otherwise fault-free condition, VERY RARE stamp
Gabon 1889 15 on 1fr olive used, few perfs. missing otherwise perfect, VERY RARE
Gabon, C104, Imperf Souvenir Sheet of 4, NH Without Gum, Without Faults
Gabon # C198 MNH
Gabon 1982 Sc #514 Space Block of 4 MNH (40730)
Gabon Sc C115 NH issues of 1965 S/S Charles de Gaulle
Gabon #972-4 MNH Set - Protected Animals
Gabon Scott C4 1961 MNH
Gabon - 1970 Aviation imperforated set Sc# C105a/C105h - No gum
Gabon Scott #492//501 MNH Arms Type Assortment as Imaged CV$9+
Gabon 1967 #C54-5 Red Cross 2v. MNH J017
Gabon 1966 Libreville Airport Airplane MNH
Gabon #1040-2 MNH Set - Scientific Achievements
Gabon #948-50 MNH Set - Universal Postal Union Anniversary
Gabon #754-6 MNH Set - Cattle
Gabon C39 Mint NH (Catalog Value $75.00)
Gabon 184-85 MNH 1965 Okoukoue Dance & Mukudji Dance Set Very Fine
Gabon Overloaded Mint Stamp Collection in a Binder
Gabon Scott # C7 C10 Deluxe Proof Stamps Airmail 1961 Bonus Stamps perf & imperf
Gabon C2 MNH 1960 Forest Congress Workmen Felling Trees Airmail Issue VF
Gabon C10a MNH Development of Air Transport Set of 4 Diff Planes Mini Sheet of 4
GABON #C39 Schweitzer. Nobel Prize. Gold Stamps. Mint, Extra Fine, NH !!
Gabon C1 MNH 1960 Dr. Albert Schweitzer Airmail Issue Very Fine
Gabon 1800's to 1980 Stamp Collection
Gabon C3 MNH 1960 17th Olympic Games Rome Surcharged Issue Very Fine
Gabon # C105 seperated unused
Gabon Stamps 39 Imperforates NH Lot Many Scarce
Gabon C5 MNH 1962 Air Afrique Airmail Issue Very Fine
Gabon 1997 #895-7 fauna animals birds 3v. MNH G073
Gabon 1991 #700-3 rock carvings petroglyphs 4v. MNH K973
Gabon Scott #217 MNH Pope Paul VI $$
Gabon 163-64 & C6 MNH 1962 Abidjan Sport Games Full Set Very Fine
FOOTBALL/SOCCER - Gabon- '66 set of 3 - (SC 195-6, C45 )- MNH-Z554
Gabon 1974 Food Plants 336-337 complete mint never hinged IMPERF
Gabon 1971 Export of Flowers C109-C111 complete MNH IMPERF
Gabon Scott #C109-C111 15fr-120fr flowers airmail (1971)
Gabon #20 USED. SCV. $7.50
GABON 1961 FOREST BIRD SC#C4 imperforated MNH CV$20.00 TREES
Gabon Scott #C60 MNH IMPERF Int'l Red Cross Centenary MEDICAL MAP $$
Gabon C7-10 MNH Development of Air Transport Set of 4 Diff Planes Set VF
Gabon Scott C3 1960 MNH
Gabon Stamps olympic set of 9 trial colors NH
Gabon #799E MNH Stamp - United Nations 50th Anniversary
FLORA/FLOWERS/AVIATION -Gabon -'71 sheet of 2 (SC C111A-perf) - MNH- Y464
Gabon #424-26 Mint Never Hinged - I Combine Shipping! S 2
Gabon, 2009 issue. Charles Darwin with Early Man s/sheet.
Gabon #828-30 MNH Set - Shells
AVIATION - Gabon 1967 AIRMAIL set of 3- (SC C50-2)- MNH-X314
Gabon 1984 #C268A aviation UPU WOOD SHEET MNH M789
Gabon, Postage Stamp, #C108-C108E Mint No Gum, 1971 Space
Gabon C109-11 MNH 1971 Various Flowers & Plane Flowers by Air Full Set VF
Gabon 1976 Sc C181-3 American Bicentennial Overprint MNH Set $5.30
Gabon 1912 to 1930s Stamp Collection
Gabon 1970 #C96-9 throwing knives weapons 4v. MNH G260
Gabon 1965 Sailing Ships Sc C30-C33 Mint Lightly Hinged
Gabon 2000 #971 waterfalls 1v. MNH L803
Gabon C91 MNH 1970 ERUOPAFRICA Airmail Issue Very Fine
OLYMPICS - Gabon -1980 sheet of 3 -(SC C237A)- MNH - B675
Gabon 1993 2500F Albert Schweitzer Booklet MNH
Gabon C30-33 MNH 1965 Early Ship Types Full Set Very Fine
Gabon C121-22 MNH 1972 11th Winter Olympic Games at Sapporo Japan Set
Gabon C49 MNH OG 1966 Libreville Airport Inauguration Airmail Issue VF
Gabon 1998 #908-9 Diana sheets MNH H132
Gabon C22-25 Mint OG 1964 18th Olympic Games at Tokyo Full Sports Set VF
Gabon Mint NH sets (Catalog Value $18.45) - Trains
Gabon B2 Mint OG 1916 Semi Postal Surcharged Issue VF
Gabon 186 MNH 1965 Abraham Lincoln Centenary of Death Sheet of 10 Very Fine
VINTAGE: GABON 1910 USED LH, LHR SCOTT # 33-44 $517 LOT #9788
STAMPSonSTAMPS - Gabon - 1973 AIRMAIL set of 1 - (SC C137) -MNH- X546
Gabon 1984 #C264 aviation planes Air Race 1v. MNH H420
Gabon Scott C4 Mint NH block (folded at perfs) Catalog Value $19.00
Gabon, Postage Stamp, #716-719 Mint LH, 1991
Gabon 1961 Sc#154/58 Flowers Tulip tree Africa MNH
1978 Gabon #C216a, Complete Set, Pair + Label, Never Hinged
Gabon C36 MNH 1965 EURIPAFRICQUE Maps of Europe & Africa Sheet of 10 Very Fine
Gabon Airmail sets Mint NH (Catalog Value $71.90)
Gabon 165 MNH 1962 African Malgache Union Issue Very Fine
Gabon 150 MNH 1960 CCTA Cooperation Issue Very Fine
Gabon 1971 #279-83 birds 5v. MNH H863
Gabon 1999 #944-6 traditional weapons 3v. MNH H422
FLORA/FLOWERS/AVIATION -Gabon 1971 sheet of 2 (SC C111A-IMPERF) - MNH- Y465
Gabon 1966/6 #C49, C53 aviation airplanes airport 2v. MNH K615
Gabon Scott# 154, Combretum Flowers, Unused CTO, FG, NH, 1961
Gabon 1973 #305-10 butterflies IMPERF 6v. MNH E589
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Official: Keeper dies after Gabon soccer match
LIBREVILLE, Gabon (AP) — A team official says a goalkeeper has died after being kicked in the head during a championship tournament match in the West African country of Gabon ... no checks to write, and no stamps to buy. EZ-Pay is the convenient ...
Gabon's First Lady Lives on Food Stamps in California
That changed about four years ago, when President Omar Bongo told his son that his wife needed to reside in Gabon, says Inge ... while she says she lives off food stamps and the generosity of friends. Ali Bongo converted to Islam years ago, allowing ...
Still no bail for SA man found with local BOrDER STAMPS
The South African customs officer arrested ... These nationals are from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Botswana, Malawi and Ghana. The passports are stamped with the Swaziland Immigration Department -Ngwenya stamps which are no longer officially used since ...
Inge Bongo – the first lady of an oil rich African state living off food stamps in America.
What makes this case intriguing is that while she’s been living on food stamps in California with her ... died one of the richest men in Africa. With her husband’s expected electoral win in Gabon today, Inge is hoping that Ali Bongo (also now married ...
Gabon's First Lady Lives on Food Stamps in California
Inge Bongo lives in California and is on food stamps. The new president is confronting ... that they didn't have time to worry about human rights." Gabon is a small country in West Africa, with major oil reserves, and that means oil money.